Children’s Wishing Well

Check out the brand new website from Singapore’s Wishing Well foundation.

Children’s Wishing Well was founded in 2002. Founder Georgie Chung built a team that offered advice to students who lacked family support necessary to succeed.

How to they help today? For example, they provide groceries every month and pocket money for lunch. Grant-A-Wish is their signature program. It helps disadvantaged students with school supplies, healthcare, and basic living needs.

Wishing Well has provided a range of need, such as  eyeglasses, fumigation services, or tennis sneakers. Anything to give a child support and the chance to succeed.

The goal of “When I Grow Up” through the “Career GPS” program, launched this year in 2016, is to show students the roles in societies. These range from teacher, chef, entrepreneur, or computer programmer, to name a few..
The past few months have been hectic for director Georgie Chung. He has been working hard to launch the Career GPS programs.

What exactly is CGPS? CGPS collects students and brings them to different companies to give them a vision of potential careers. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a daunting question, and Wishing Well hopes to make the future a real possibility for these youngsters.

Career GPS exposes students to a variety of industries.Students have seen how a bank operates and how 3D printing machines work. They spoke with a CEO, who before his current role, had to deliver newspapers to when he was young for money. Each visit is interactive, informative and inspiring!

Phase 2 is still undergoing development. The organization will place students with undergrads or corporate partners. wherein they set individual goals and work through programs that incorporate teamwork.


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