Friends of University of Warwick Singapore Fundraising Auction!

Glad to be involved in this project to fund these kids to school. Proud to be part of the future of the next generation!

  • Anthony S Casey Singapore
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Updates From the Warwick Scholarships Beneficiaries!

2018 has been a great year so far for my scholarship beneficiaries.  Seeing students like Jess and Edward doing well is genuinely heartening and makes the reason to support such causes worth well.

To more future sponsorships ahead!

– Anthony S Casey, Singapore

IMG_2404 IMG_2405 IMG_4903 IMG_2297IMG_2298Letter from Warwick (Jess)Letter from Warwick (Edward)

Pioneering A New Investment

Anthony S Casey Singapore

Anthony S. Casey of Swiss Asia explains the firm’s offering of the Football Finance Note, and how it provides Asia’s wealthy with the opportunity to buy into English and European soccer. The next step is a similar product for other sports such as cricket, tennis, golf and more.