Little Sisters Fund – April Update!

Glad to hear back from the Charity that I have been supporting for some time!

Little-Sister-Fund-Apr Little-Sister-Fund-Apr1 Little-Sister-Fund-Apr2

Friends of University of Warwick Singapore Fundraising Auction!

Glad to be involved in this project to fund these kids to school. Proud to be part of the future of the next generation!

  • Anthony S Casey Singapore
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Updates From the Warwick Scholarships Beneficiaries!

2018 has been a great year so far for my scholarship beneficiaries.  Seeing students like Jess and Edward doing well is genuinely heartening and makes the reason to support such causes worth well.

To more future sponsorships ahead!

– Anthony S Casey, Singapore

IMG_2404 IMG_2405 IMG_4903 IMG_2297IMG_2298Letter from Warwick (Jess)Letter from Warwick (Edward)

Little Sisters Fund – #GivingTuesday

Little Sisters Fund - #GivingTuesday

Glad to help Jess through the most challenging year of her life!

Thank you for helping Jess through the most challenging year of her life

Little Sisters Fund November’s Update

Little Sisters Fund Update - 22 Nov

Friends of the University of Warwick in Singapore Fundraising Auction

Happy to share my philanthropic work at University of Warwick!

Friends of the University of Warwick in Singapore Fundraising auction, 24 August

Foundation of Goodness Donation!

Screenshot of a charity that I am supporting!

Foundation of Goodness

October Update From Little Sisters Fund!

October Update from Little Sisters Fund that I am supporting!


10 Charitable Campaigns in Singapore

There are incredible charitable campaigns that exist in Singapore. Read on to learn the names of those important charitable campaigns:

50 for 50: In this campaign, fifty young people organized fundraisers for lesser-known charities. In addition to fostering youth involvement in philanthropy, it raised 2.25 million dollars. The government then matched this money, resulting in a total of $4.5 million dollars raised.

1 for 1: Spurred by the success of 50 for 50, the campaign organizers began 1 for 1, in which all Singaporeans were encouraged to donate a dollar, which would again be matched by the government.

Fold a Crane for Charity: In this campaign against hunger, Songhe Fragrant Rice challenged Singaporeans to fold paper cranes. For every paper crane folded, the company donated a bowl of rice to charity. The campaign exceeded all expectations, resulting in 147,480 kilograms of rice getting donated in total.

Grains of Kindness: This is another campaign against hunger launched by Songhe Fragrant Rice. This time, however, instead of making paper cranes, people were encouraged to post photographs of random acts of kindness to Facebook. Each photo earned a 10kg donation of rice.

Hair for Hope: In this campaign, launched by the Children’s Cancer Foundation, participants shaved their heads in solidarity with cancer parents who lost their hair to chemotherapy. Shavees solicited donations or sponsorships for the cause, while proving that baldness was nothing to be ashamed of.

Giving Tuesday: In 2013, the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Center designated the last Tuesday in November to be Giving Tuesday. On this day, Singaporeans are encouraged to donate to a number of charitable organizations. The day also includes social media campaigns, volunteer opportunities, corporate donors and sponsorships.

Giving Week: Due to its success, Giving Tuesday was expanded into Giving Week, beginning the last Tuesday in November and stretching into the first week of December. Giving Week came with more campaigns, more charities, and more corporate sponsorships.

For a Golden Home: Singapore has an aging population. Many elderly Singaporeans live alone in small apartments, often in poor conditions. For a Golden Home raises money to improve these apartments, and enlists the help of volunteers to go in and clean everything up.

President’s Challenge: Begun by President S.R. Nathan in 2000, the President’s Challenge is a platform for individuals and corporations to engage with a number of charitable organizations. Beneficiaries of the President’s Challenge, as well as the amount that they receive, are decided by the Office of the President.

Heartstrings Walk: Community Chest, the charitable arm of the National Council of Social Services, is a charitable organization that helps disabled people integrate into society, learn skills, and realize their potential. Their annual Heartstrings Walk takes participants on a walk around the city, in return for donations and sponsorships.