About Anthony S Casey


Who is Anthony S Casey?

Based in Singapore, Anthony S Casey is a man of many interests and talents. Anthony S Casey joined the finance sector in 1996. He grew up in the United Kingdom, but always had a deep wanderlust to see the world through the eyes of others. He has lived in ten countries, including most of the worlds financial metropolises. He has managed the assets of prominent Asian families in Asia since 2000. Professionally, he utilizes his global contacts & diverse business network to disrupt markets and improve everyone’s standings.

When he was accepted into university, Casey had bigger dreams. He came across the book Work Your Way Around the World by Susan Griffith, and started to do just that. First, he travelled to Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands, off the west coast of Africa where he joined the crew of a 54-foot yacht. The ship journeyed across the Atlantic, making stops at most of the Caribbean islands.

Eventually, Anthony S. Casey eventually found himself working as an events coordinator for the prominent electronic music scene in Miami. As his professional life was developing, he continued to travel, eventually moving to Frankfurt, Germany. Here, he continued to develop his dance music company. This became Raveco, which was invited to assist clubs in Miami, Tenerife, Frankfurt and even Cape Town, South Africa. At one point, Raveco supplied VIP tickets to over 1,000 people per night in 5 countries around the globe! Anthony S Casey is still passionate about music, however, he has finessed his business skills to fit the finance industry after learning about real estate investment in the United Kingdom.


After decades in various senior roles, Anthony learned how to navigate the investment market. He is pro-active, responsive, and attentive to changes, and therefore ventured into a new opportunity, the football finance note.

Anthony S Casey currently serves as investment manager at football finance note.

Football Finance Note finances the purchase of future tv rights income from English Premier League football clubs, at a discount, and other football finance transactions that have recourse to monies generated by the relevant league.  Together with its European partners, FFN was listed as an exchange traded instrument (ETI) on the Frankfurt exchange and became fully subscribed by summer 2017. Anthony S Casey describes FFN as transparent and safe and he was excited to open a new chapter in football finance. Plus, FFN is fully secured against record tv broadcasting rights through 2019. On April 5, 2016, FFN was notified for accredited investors to the Monetary Authority Of Singapore (MAS). Anthony is vigilantly dedicated to his client’s portfolios and strives to help people understand how to benefit from the market. There is serious potential in football financing and Anthony hopes to contribute to his client’s growth by detailed, insightful guidance.
Anthony S Casey’s vast network, in Singapore and abroad, has also connected him to a range of wonderful philanthropic opportunities.

In recent years, Anthony S Casey has contributed to these great organizations:

Anthony S Casey is greatly involved in football and all of its wonderful influence. He recently spent time with EPL legends Teddy Sheringham, Steve McManaman, Darren Anderton and David James in Singapore when they played a friendly game against Germany. The Battle of Europe 2016 was yet again, an English victory. Read more at AnthonySCasey.org.


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